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British International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox inaugurates the production line

30 November 2017 by Dulma

British International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox opened the new shoe factory during his visit to Addis Ababa where he announced that the UK has doubled the amount of export finance it is making available to support UK-Ethiopia bilateral trade.

The production line has been set up in partnership with Pittards company that currently manufactures over one million...

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Supporting Brave Hearts campaign on GivingTuesday

28 November 2017 by Dulma Clark

#GIVINGTUESDAY on the 28th November each year is one of the world’s biggest days of giving, a day when people come together to make a positive change or, simply, do good things.

Today Brave Hearts Organisation has become a participant in the Global Giving End of the Year Accelerator Program. Brave Hearts hopes to raise the...

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Supporting Ethiopia Skate to build a skate park

07 October 2017 by Dulma Clark

This week we supproted Ethiopia Skate crowdfunding campaign, so they will be able to continue its grassroots efforts of promoting access to skateboarding by constructing Ethiopia’s second free access, community-built, skatepark in the town of Hawassa. 

They have succesfully reached they goal raising $17,197 USD from 201 backers! 

Ethiopia Skate now will build a skate park in Hawassa...

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"I Enjoy The Energy" ... Read Our Interview With Influencer Kristoffer Sakurai

12 September 2017 by Laurent Faboumy


 We've recently met a person who loves Soul of Africa shoes and we thought we'd share his story and a quick Q&A with you. His name is Kristoffer Sakurai and he is a former a ballet dancer, featuring as one of the Royal Danish Ballet’s top talents in his early 20s. Sadly, a series of injuries led...

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You Can Make Change Happen

18 August 2017 by Laurent Faboumy

Alemnesh is a joyful young woman who has come a long way. She had lost both of her parents, her father when she was young then her mother a few years after. Alemnesh struggled to cope with the loss of her parents and had a lot of issues with her studies. However, with the support of Brave Heart and SOA,...

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SOA At The Fashion Africa Conference

01 August 2017 by Laurent Faboumy


Looking Back on the Fashion Africa Conference …

We had a great time at the Fashion Africa Conference last month, meeting with tons of like-minded entrepreneurs, designers, investors and business consultants. All participants and guests agree that Africa is becoming a valuable source of ideas, materials and production for the global fashion market.

For the past decade, Soul of Africa has been...

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Who Made Your Shoes?

16 May 2017 by Laurent Faboumy


We know you love your clothes, but do you actually know where they come from and who made them?

This is where Fashion Revolution Week comes in, 
campaigning for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain

Fashion Revolution Week happens once a year, urging us to hit up social media to ask brands, ‘Who made my clothes?’ but we should really...

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SOA will take part to the Fashion Africa Conference, oh and we have a new website!

16 May 2017 by Laurent Faboumy


We're proud and delighted to be keynote speakers at
Fashion Africa Conference on May 26th in London!



We’re happy to announce that Soul of Africa’s, Dulma and Lance Clark, will be taking the stage at this year’s Fashion Africa Conference.

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Soul of Africa : House of Lords Event Success

05 December 2016 by Rose Davis

Dulma Clark (Soul of Africa), Vikki Brennan and Albert Tucker (Proudly Made in Africa), Lancelot Clark (Soul of Africa, Clarks Shoes) and Nebil Kellow (Enterprise Partners)


This week, Soul of Africa held an event in the House of Lords, with co-organisers Proudly Made in Africa and chaired by Baroness Lola Young of Hornsey. An Actress, Author...

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Soul of Africa at The House of Lords

28 November 2016 by Rose Davis


Tomorrow, Tuesday 29th of November, Soul of Africa will be hosting an event, alongside co-organisors Proudly Made in Africa, at The House of Lords. 


Together with Official chair of the event, Baroness Lola Young of Hornsey (Crossbench peer and active campaigner for sustainability and ethics in fashion), we will be opening an insightful...

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Brave Hearts Building for the future

26 October 2016 by Rose Davis


The Addis Ababa based Brave Hearts Foundation run an Income Generating Activity Programme is continuing to prove a huge success, with latest updates reporting that the guardians involved in the initiative have shown an all-time high of excitement and motivation.


The Income Generating Activities are aimed at helping guardians involved in the Brave Hearts Programme to gain employment...

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Catching up With South African charity Philangethemba

21 September 2016 by Rose Davis



This week we’d like to share some insight into the projects being run by Philangethemba (meaning ‘living through hope’).  The South African based organisation resides in Molweni and has worked with Soul of Africa for many years! One of the major focuses of the organisation is to try and create stimulating and engaging environments for young children,...

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"The difference is as far as from the sky to the Earth".. How Brave Hearts are changing lives

16 September 2016 by Rose Davis


Many Ethiopian women continue to struggle to gain reliable employment in order to make ends meet  for their families. The need to care for their children, limited jobs, poor access to health care and the prevalence of girls not receiving education means that securing employment is a challenge faced by many women.

These challenges sit at the forefront...

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Meet The Girls Gotta Run Foundation : Officially Supported By Soul of Africa

01 September 2016 by Rose Davis


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandella


We are excited to officially announce our partnership with The Girls Gotta Run (GGR) Foundation, the latest inspirational organisation that will receive funding from the Soul of Africa Charitable Trust.


Based in Ethiopia, GGR invests in girls who seek to empower...

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Soul of Africa at Afrobeats Festival

23 August 2016 by Rose Davis


Last week Soul of Africa went to AfroBeats Festival in Barking park. The day was off to a rainy start, but before long the sun began to shine and the music began to play.


Our aim for the day was to share the story of Soul of Africa’s production & contribution to charitable projects. We...

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Catching Up With Brave Hearts

10 August 2016 by Rose Davis


Soul of Africa Director, Dulma Clark, and Founder, Lance Clark, visting Brave Hearts!


Here at Soul of Africa HQ, our favourite part of our work is seeing the incredible progress being made by the projects that we support – and this week we would like to share with you some of the inspirational work being done by our...

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Update From Philangethemba, Living Through Hope

04 August 2016 by Rose Davis

In the Molweni Valley, a remote region of South Africa resides the Philangethemba ‘Living Through Hope’ Project. This inspirational organization has been a long-standing beneficiary of Soul of Africa, and we are pleased to share with you a few of the many initiatives from the work they carried out last year.


Siyakhula Teacher Training Centre

A visit was paid...

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Brave Hearts Foundation Quarterly Progress Report

27 July 2016 by Rose Davis


Brave Hearts, long-standing beneficiaries of Soul of Africa, provides us with regular updates on day-to-day life at the organization. We’d like to share with you some of their hard work from the first quarter of this year. A lot can happen in 3 months!


With every update we are continually impressed not only by all of the incredible...

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Soul of Africa qualify for official 'Proudly Made in Africa' Emblem

25 July 2016 by Rose Davis



Soul of Africa are proud to announce that we have been granted to use of the 'Proudly Made in Africa' emblem, a label that recognises the increasing number of high quality products being manufactured and packaged in Africa.


In order to qualify to use this emblem, products must be quality assured, ethically sourced, manufactured...

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Catching up with San-dal Kickstarter Project Videographer Haiko Boldt

21 July 2016 by Rose Davis


We recently caught up with Haiko Boldt from Thunderbolt Design & Post Production. Haiko, who won the Best Editor award at the Namibian Film and Theatre Awards in both 2012 and 2014, edited the incredible footage for the Namibian San-dal project’s Kickstarter Video. He also helped to create Soul of Africa’s introduction video.

Haiko started...

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