The Story

"Give the people the means, the ambition and the pride to help Themselves"

In 2003 Lance Clark - the 6th generation shoemaker who brought the world the Wallabee and Desert trek boot – was invited to Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa to advise on the shoe industry there. At that time unemployment in Natal ran at 50% and as a result there were significant social problems in the area.

Whilst in Natal Lance visited an orphanage, he explains, “The children from the ramshackle, tattered shed – which was their home- came rushing out to meet us. I picked up a little boy who was crying. He then laughed. When it was time to leave, he cried and I cried. That encounter spurned the idea to 'give the people the means, the ambition and the pride to help themselves' rather than depend on foreign aid, much of which by funding corruption and the development of a dependency culture, has done more harm than good in Africa.”

From that beginning, Soul of Africa is now making shoes in South Africa, Tunisia and Ethiopia; it has helped over 17,000 children and families and supported over 100 projects.

Read more and discover Lance's artwork here.  All proceeds from the sale of his paintings go to Soul of Africa.


Soul of Africa – A social enterprise providing skills, earnings and support to communities in Africa. Made in Africa, worn by the world.

We Believe in Aid through Trade



Soul of Africa is a social enterprise and consists of two entities: Soul of Africa UK Company and Soul of Africa UK Charitable Trust.

The company is run as an efficient business making shoes in Africa and selling products globally.

Soul of Africa UK Charitable Trust is the 100% shareholder of the Soul of Africa Trading company.

The UK Charitable Trust holds 2 meetings yearly to distribute the funds to support local communities where the shoes are made. To apply for funding, please email to Read more at our Social Impact section.

Clarks Collaboration




Clarks, a global footwear brand based in Somerset, UK began in 1825 making sheepskin slippers following the ethos ‘responsible business is good business’. Clarks have been generous supporters of Soul of Africa selling products in its UK and US stores, donating an extra £3 per pair.



Vivobarefoot, is an innovative shoe company based in the UK. They specialise in creating shoes with a patented Pure Barefoot Technology sole. Driven by a passion for healthy movement in all its forms, Vivobarefoot provide Soul of Africa with soles for the shoes made in Ethiopia, the place where the human foot first walked on the earth.

Clarks Collaboration